Seneca Work Center

This historic hotel was built in 1939 by the Hines Lumber Company to house loggers and mill workers.

Seneca was a company town built on the logging and sawmill industries. The building has had numerous owners through the years. Grayback acquired it in 2013, renovating and repurposing it closer to its original intent by housing forest workers and firefighters.

The 10,000-square foot building has two kitchens, more than 20 rooms and several common areas which makes it ideal for employee housing.

We house up to 50 employees at peak season. It is heated through waste wood from our forest projects. Much of the lumber and furniture was milled and built by Grayback employees. The shop out back and lot size make it a great compliment to the John Day base.

Physical Address:
109 Barnes Ave
Seneca, OR  97873

Base Office: 541.542.1912


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