Mobile Mix Systems Gel Plants & Helicopter Dip Tanks


Grayback Forestry has been the industry leader in supporting Incident Command teams during firing operations, structure protection and mop up operations. With our professionally trained team, we are equipped to assist with Mobile Mix Systems (MMS) for all helicopter, fixed wing aircraft, and ground operations.

A Mobile Mix System (MMS) is a specialized fire suppressant chemical mixing and loading system with specialized resource support equipment, a proportioner, several dip tanks for aerial firefighting by helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, and ground support applications for engine or tender direct attack operations. A MMS unit is designed to be set up near the front of an advancing wildland urban interface fire in strategic geographical locations to support direct attack fire suppression operation needs and requirements.


Grayback’s Mobile Mix Systems (MMS)are considered by USFS, BLM, Cal Fire and State to be the most up to date operations systems available. The MMS have the capability of delivering both USFS approved gel liquids and powder water enhancer gel along with class A foam in large volumes in remote terrain and geographical locations in front of the advancing fire.

The MMS equipment and vehicles are maintained and updated following each deployment. Units are self-contained which provide all the required liquid and powder products, class A foam, ground support equipment, personnel, transportation, fuel and all other support necessary to meet the requesting agency requirements for mixing and loading into helicopters, air tankers, and fire apparatuses.

Tactical Tender Gel Application

Tactical Tender Gel Application


Grayback Forestry also provides rigid steel helicopter dip tank ranging in sizes from 5000 to 10,500 gallons. Each tank is designed to prevent hang ups and able to withstand heavy use from helicopter buckets. Are tanks have been used with Type 1, 2 and 3 helicopters buckets or snorkels. Tanks can hold water, gel, foam or retardants. All our tanks come with water delivery systems and volume pumps to get water from a source to a tank. Dip tanks come with trained personnel in set up and helicopter operations.  

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