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Our Training

Each base of operations has at least one lead instructor and additional unit instructors

All Grayback Instructors have been certified by the National Wildfire Suppression Association and have been employed by Grayback for several years

Employees must attend all of the required training in order to meet or exceed PMS 310-1 for their position.  The following is a sample of training that is provided by Grayback  or through Fire Science Programs at Community Colleges or Universities. 

S-190, S-130, I-100, L-180, S-131, S-133, S-215, S-211, S-212, S-290, S-230, S-231, S-390, S-490, S-330, S-200, S-215, S-234, L-280, S-260, S-270, S-300, S-336, and S-339.  

In addition, Grayback also provides First Aid, Advanced Driving, and Specialized Prescribed Fire training.

Field training is conducted by designated Field Trainers, Crew Bosses, and or an experienced Journeyman